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Welcome to Saving Tips Community, a supportive, informative and interactive website, where we help each other save money, lessen our impact on the planet and try to save our sanity. If you want to get out of debt, learn to control your spending, save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and make some friends via groups, activities, and forums, this is the site for you!

This website is available for all members to contribute and participate because everyone has tips and advice they can share, which is relevant to different life situations. From being single or attached; working, studying, unemployed or retired; living in the city, rural or regional areas; renting or home ownership, children and/or pets, in debt or not, etc.

Weekly blog posts include:

  • MEMOIRS MONDAY – A weekly update on different things the creator has done to save money, the environment and her sanity.

  • TESTING SUPERMARKET ALTERNATIVES TUESDAY – In an attempt to take power back from the supermarkets, the creator will make cheaper and healthier alternatives to their products.

  • WHATEVER WEDNESDAY – A surprise each week. Might be the latest news, challenges, reviews, suggestions, Ask My Parents’ questions and answers, etc.

  • TESTED TIP THURSDAY – Tips the creator already uses to help save.

  • FUNNYLICIOUS FRIDAY – Funny photos, pictures, cartoons and true stories – just something light to have a good belly laugh.

Please explore Saving Tips Community and try the premium membership Bargain Hunter free for 30 days!
Proven Money Saving Tips at your fingertips


Saving Tips Community has two blogs: ‘SMALL SAVINGS, BIG DIFFERENCE’ and ‘INSPIRATIONAL LIFE’. The first is about posting and discussing money, environmental and sanity saving tips, with members encouraged to test them to see if they work. The latter blog has inspirational and humorous stories and photos.


Choose the membership plan that best suits you. Saving Tips Community offers you 30 days free access to the premium membership plan BARGAIN HUNTER. After having access to all the features, you can then choose to continue with this plan for $55 a year or it will automatically go to the Freebie plan, which will cost you nothing but have limited features.


Books and other items are available on Saving Tips Community for members at a discount. This includes ‘My Parents’ 39 Proven Money Saving Tips, Volume 1′ (available on Amazon Kindle books). Also available for pre-order via Amazon Kindle is ‘My Parents’ 99 Proven Money Saving Recipes’ and ‘My Parents’ Additional 39 Proven Money Saving Tips, Volume 2′, by the creator Dana Grayling. Community members can advertise their books they publish as well.

Proven Money Saving Tips at your fingertips

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Saving Tips Community is made up of a group of like minded people. After you have accepted the free 30-day trial, the next thing you need to do is join our groups and forums.

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Small Savings, Big Difference

Read and contribute to the blog that helps us test tips to discover the best ways to save money, the planet and our sanity. Includes Tip Testing Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, Tip Testing Thursday, and Supermarket Alternative Saturday.

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Meet Saving Tips Community Members

Workshops, retreats and catch ups are going to be arranged in the future. Please keep an eye out for news in regards to this.


Seek Inspiration

Read and contribute inspirational and funny stories and photos to ‘INSPIRATIONAL LIFE’ blog. It’s an opportunity to learn about uplifting and humorous things that have happened to other Saving Tips Community members.

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